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Get the Look – Pummin and Crispin

 Get the Look – Pummin and Crispin

A pair of purple people have been found in Mourningdale Capital. Pummin and Crispem, formerly from Sausig Bandits, were seen in some wonderful neutral tones, both matching each other while leaving enough difference to look good as a pair. The greys and browns compliment each other perfectly, and the variation leaves just the right amount of visual interest. When Pummin was first seen, I could not identify the chest piece from looks alone, so Pummin has collaborated with us to tell you exactly what it is! 

Crispem’s gear was quite hard to place, and I was stumped as to which gloves and pants he had on. Luckily, a reporter from our office was able to chase him down and get some inside information.

According to Crispem, three different greys were used “to get them to match better”. “We had to mix it up a bit because the dyes didn’t work the same on different pieces”, he reminisced.

Get the look

Together, these outfits make a striking pair.

I was so excited about Pummin’s outfit, that I suggested my company mates come have a look. We started chasing her through Mourningdale, where she ended up cornered in the kitchen.

Even though it was rather weird, we ended up making friends and the Sausig Bandits have joined Don’t Die Alone. Yay!

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