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New World Armor Catalog

The Armor Catalog is listed alphabetically and you can filter into smaller categories or use the search box to find a particular item. To read about the development and history of the catalog, and to get involved and share your contributions, click below.

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About the Armor Catalog

This Armor Catalog was created by Transmog on the New World Official Forums, which is still visible here until they are deleted at some point in the unknown future no longer available online. As this was a community-driven initiative that can no longer be completed on the forums, we have moved the images here in the hope that we can complete it. In the process of moving this catalog, we have been amazed at Transmog’s attention to detail. If there are any errors, it is probably due to the copying process. Please let us know so we can fix them.

Add to the Armor Catalog

The New World Armor Catalog is a community sourced project and we would love your help in completing it. If you have any of the missing armour sets or items, please take a screenshot following the guidelines below and send it in via our online form.

How to Contribute

  • Your image must only include pieces of the matching set
  • All pieces must be in their original and undyed colors
  • Screenshot must be taken from the login screen
  • Do not crop, modify, touch up, or edit the screenshot
  • Clarify the Armor’s Name, Weight, Body Type (M or F), and Tier
  • Community submissions are priority and override anything I submit
  • Older versions of armors will be tagged with [Legacy]

Thank you!