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Get the Look – Misty Marksman

 Get the Look – Misty Marksman

Fishticles of the Delos server

I LOVE spending my money on fake currency, so when I saw the chestwear of my dreams in the cash shop, I decided to change my whole personality to revolve around it. The colour choices, I must be honest, were because I went overboard during the last Springtide Bloom event, and purchased more Morning Mist than I could ever possibly use. Shout-out to Springtide Bloom for giving us the two best dyes in the game.

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Name: Breasted Cloth Light Headwear

Acquisition: Craftable


Name: Longhorn Plated Gambeson

Acquisition: Cash Shop


Name: Dry-Blood Woven Bracers

Acquisition: Season 2 Track Reward


Name: Dry-Blood Leather Chaps

Acquisition: Season 2 Track Reward


Name: Forgotten Protector Heavy Footwear

Acquisition: Lazarus Instrumentality mutations

Primary Weapon

Name: Vicious Starmetal Bow

Acquisition: Spewspitter

Secondary Weapon

Name: Orichalcum Spear

Acquisition: Craftable


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Lish is an inspired decorator and explorer of Aeturum's lesser-known places. She's also a dedicated Healer for Don't Die Alone. Lish contributes to the Lifestyle and Opinion articles on Utopian Organ and is the primary proponent for the name of the publication.

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