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Balance of Power Jan 24

 Balance of Power Jan 24

Dave retires from Balance of Power!

The big news in this episode is that Dave will no longer be presenting the Balance of Power videos and has handed the reins over to Josh and J.R. The episode was a recap of what we already know about the changes in the January balance patch, and a preview into their vision for combat in the future.

Future vision

The things they are working on over the next year include:

  • Balance the desirability of each equip weight
  • No changes to dodge variation in each weight but may change how iframes work
  • Life Staff rework – separating the trees into clear Healing and Buffing (I suspect Light’s Embrace might get reworked into more of a buff than a heal)
  • Weapon synergy – making more passive aspects of a weapon persist when you swap
  • Homing – improving this on all weapons, with a special mention to the Void Blade
  • Changes to charging heavy attacks, possibly allowing movement while charging
  • Increasing mana regen 400%
  • Character locomotion – improving the way characters move

I have to admit that when I first played the game, I also found the way the character moved to be a bit clunky. I hope they do this well and would love to see a bit of a boost to the height of jumping, as well as a less jerky transition into strafing.

From the source:

You can visit a direct link here, or watch the video below:

New World: Forged in Aeternum - Balance of Power (January 2024)

In episode 73 of Forged in Aeternum, we have an episode of Balance of Power with David Verfaillie (Creative Director). Today David makes a big announcement and introduces you to Josh Hurley (Combat Designer) and J.R. (Pex Design Lead)

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