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Bearer of Bad Tidings & more

 Bearer of Bad Tidings & more

Main Story Quest 9 - Bearer of Bad Tidings & more

Previous Quest: Demon Storm (includes Team Effort) | Next Quest: The Pride of Prydwen

Once Fiona finishes up on the Shipwreck Shore, Lleyson Reese sends her to Prydwen city to sound the alarm about the Corrupted. This is where she meets many of the townsfolk and learns how to use the Inn, Trading Post, and Storage Shed.

Because of the running back and forth with little adventure, this video includes multiple small quests in Prydwen town. They are:

Tips and tricks

If you haven’t been following along with us and are wondering why your character can’t use the Trading Post, it’s probably because you haven’t done these quests. Just check your Journal and pick up the Main Story quest, whether it’s in town or back on the beach.

When browsing the Trading Post, make use of the filters to help narrow down your results. Can Use and Can Afford are immediately available above the results list, and if you want to specify perks, gear score, or attributes, click the Perk Filter icon above that.

You get a Storage Shed in each Settlement and Outpost, but need to visit them to unlock access. Once you have the Shed unlocked, you can use the dropdown menu to place or remove items in any location.


  • Deliver a message to Ser Payne Bennett
  • Speak with Minister Lochnir
  • Check in at the Inn
  • Visit the Trading Post
  • Visit the Storage Shed
  • Speak with Grace O’Malley
  • Speak with Ser Payne Bennett
  • Speak with Knight-Regent Jin Jae


A profile headshot of Fiona Murphy from Monarch's Bluff Tavern in New World

Fiona Murphy

Fiona is an NPC who resides in the Prydwen Tavern in Monarch's Bluff. She writes our Agony Aunt column.

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