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Not all those I come across are bots but the majority of the ‘entities’ hoarding my farming spots are not real people.

The economy of the server and the wider game has been affected in what some perceive to be a positive way, with cheaper goods and more stock. I feel this is a valid argument, however I would like the opportunity to express my feelings surrounding the whole business.

Ever since I started the game I have been looking for ways to manipulate the market, gamble my way to the top and fulfil ‘Just in Time Manufacturing’. This has been how I have played the game from the genesis (no, not the dungeon). I made lots of coin from manipulation and fabricating products to satisfy demand, but recently I have found this to be much, much more difficult.

Buying and selling things for a tidy markup was a method I used A LOT. However, since the influx of bots, I have not been able to do this. Posting buy orders for large quantities was once a technique I used many times and it was very successful, but the bots notice this sudden large buy order and jump on it. They post another buy order for a higher price, and sometimes multiple of them! This makes it nigh impossible for me to utilise that method for coin making.

To expand on “my farming spots”, I had a list of ‘secret’ spots that not many knew of and even fewer actively farmed. Only recently with the release of new YouTube videos and more people sharing or selling secrets have I been pushed away from these farms. I have had to resort to buying materials for Just in Time Manufacturing which reduces my profit margins so much so that it hardly makes it worth it. If not for the aptitude crates, I probably wouldn’t be doing it anymore. Add on to this the multi-millionaire companies in the game I find it awfully difficult to flip a profit from buying resources and then having them undercut me.

Well, I don’t have much more to say regarding this matter, but I will be back in the future with more rants.

Thank you for listening, have a nice day. 🙂

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Cheese GX

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  • Here I was thinking you were going to tell us how to spot a bot…

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