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Everfall Bedroom Design

 Everfall Bedroom Design

After a long day adventuring, it’s nice to come home to a warm bath and a soft bed. Let’s take a look at my house in Everfall.

This cozy space is created through layered placement of practical yet decorative pieces. The tones in the Maritime Captain’s Bed are echoed through the accessories, such as the Decorative Glass Bottle and Maritime Place Setting, the Curved Maritime Rug and the Maritime Posh Valance. This is broken up by the range of colours in the paintings and the warm tones of the wood, giving the room a personalised touch.

What I love to do is include storytelling details. So the new Legion Towel Rack from the Brimstone Sands patch was a perfect addition to my fireside bath set-up. I like to have a variety of jars and bottles by the bath to indicate the lotions and potions that would be used. Sectioning off the room with bookcases gives me some more shelf space as well as creating a sense of privacy and safety.

If you’re passing through Everfall, feel free to pop in and visit my house, it’s the closest one to the Fast Travel Shrine.

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Lish is an inspired decorator and explorer of Aeturum's lesser-known places. She's also a dedicated Healer for Don't Die Alone. Lish contributes to the Lifestyle and Opinion articles on Utopian Organ and is the primary proponent for the name of the publication.

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