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Memories of Grace

 Memories of Grace

Main Story Quest 7 - Memories of Grace

Previous Quest: Lessons of a Pirate’s Life | Next Quest: Demon Storm (and Team Effort)

Grace O’Malley sends Fiona off to retrieve some personal items from the wreckage of The Satisfaction, and in the process Fiona finds some new swag for herself.

Tips and tricks

Keep an eye out for sparkles that indicate newbie weapons – you can pick up the Fire Staff, Musket, and Life Staff on this leg of the quest.


  • Collect Grace’s Personal Flag
  • Collect Grace’s Lucky Wheel


A profile headshot of Fiona Murphy from Monarch's Bluff Tavern in New World

Fiona Murphy

Fiona is an NPC who resides in the Prydwen Tavern in Monarch's Bluff. She writes our Agony Aunt column.

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