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Road To Gold-Cap

 Road To Gold-Cap

Reviewed and edited in Season 3 to cover changes in economy

Daily gold bonuses

Before you embark on reading Zelus’ insights into making gold in New World, there are some basic tasks you can do each day to keep the bank balance ticking over.

  • 3 bonus faction quests – elite and expedition quests in high-level zones give the most gold. The first 3 daily give 10x the normal amount, around 270g each.
  • Major Corruption portal caches, wandering named bosses – 250g x limit of 2 per day. You can save up caches and just open 2 each day.
  • Daily bonus x3. These change seasonally and can be Concealed vaults, which come from looting chests, Sportmans Spoils from gathering activities, or Bags of Juniper Berries that drop with other loot. Each contain between 50-200 gold.
  • Seasonal events often have gold included in the daily collection cache. Around 100 gold each.
  • Complete a Random Mutated Expedition – 150 gold 10000 faction tokens
  • Complete 2x Random Expedition – 125 gold 2500 faction tokens each
  • Complete a Random Mutated Expedition as a Healer or Tank – 100 gold 1000 faction tokens
  • Complete 2x Random Expedition as a Healer or Tank – 50 gold 500 faction tokens each
  • Complete a Group Finder Mutated Expedition that is lower than the highest level you have unlocked – 100 gold

Cache of Gold-n-Matter – once a week you can use 20 Gypsum Orbs in the Gypsum kiln and gain 1500 gold and 250 Dark Matter

What does it mean to hit gold-cap?

A concept some people dream of and for some…another day on New World. The common misconception is that gold is this ultra rare resource that only a select few have access to in abundance. That is an absolute LIE! Having gone from playing with under 5k to my name to close to 1 million as of writing this article, I can confirm that it is possible. Throughout this article ill be going over some of the tricks I used to make early gold and give you some tips I learned along the way so that you can experience New World from a whole new perspective. This is my journey.

Understanding the Market

The basic understanding of the market is that the market does fluctuate in various ways. This all depends on the situation such as major updates. Whether it be from buffs/nerfs or even new sequence of weapons, whether it be for PVE or PVP it can all affect market prices. A perfect example of this is while I am writing this article (late August 2023) we have had a announcement that some, if not all, of our current gear that are 625 will not be upgradable to the so called new Gear Score. Therefore, nobody wants to start crafting their gear and start to roll gear for gold as it will mostly likely be redundant soon. This instigated a massive influx of charms and craft mods on the market. Which has impacted the market for things like Iron Battle Metal to drop from 110 to 80 gold. So, it all depends on the time you want to sell and keep items.

Pearls For Pearls

Please note: Trade skill level 150 is required.

However, in saying that there are some good reliable ways to make gold at a steady pace without putting yourself at financial risk.

Some of you may know about this one. Pretty much the basic concept of this strategy is that at this point of time pristine pearls are 3x cheaper (about 110 gold (give or take) which is cheaper than the brilliant pearls which sit at around 300 to 400+ gold depending on timing). First buy some silver ingots (2000x silver ore) which is very cheap and affordable. Then get about 50-ish pristine pearls. Depending on the price, I normally would buy them if they were no more than 200 gold ea.

 I would use all those materials into crafting pristine pearl rings and then scrap them to get brilliant pearls while getting 200 jewel crafting at the same time for those who don’t have it already. Then sell them for whatever they are running for. Note it is a quick seller and don’t need to undercut even if you are getting undercut yourself. 

This method is very quick and easy since the brilliant pearls are used for the Pearl Plectrum which is used in crafting the guitar and is one of the best things for furnishing levels. I’ve done this plenty of times and even helped some people that are low on gold with this method.


You don’t always need to spend money to make money, you can farm for it! Farming certain items that you don’t use can be a great way to make money. Whether it be from craft mods, scarabs, refining resources it can all be worth something.

One of those things include your daily cooldowns. Doing your daily cooldowns when you get the chance will always be worth something. The amount of return all depends on what they are selling for at the time. Most of these are going to be worth a bit considering the new materials include the legendary refined materials and the current tier V materials such as Ironwood planks. 

To go along with that, there are certain routes you can do in various regions that give great craft mods and charms to sell or keep! Some of those charms/craft mods for example are the Starmetal Weaponsmith charm which is farmed in supply crates in Ebonscale Reach and Mourningdale.  In Season 4, Adamant was added to supply crates in Elysian Wilds, Everfall, Great Cleave, Reekwater, and Brimstone Sands, while Harden Crystal can be found in Cutlass Keys, Weaver’s Fen, Shattered Mountain, and Restless Shore. These farmables are the most common ones that people like to do because it’s the same run over and over. Which can be looted every hour. A lot of these runs can all be found online.

Ebonscale Reach

Going Bananas

Please note: 245 Furnishing is required

Added by Editor in Season 3.

Piles of Bananas are the new Round Sea Foam Rug for rolling furniture aptitude levels. They require only one ingredient, making them very easy to shop for, and return all prismatic mats apart from stone, as well as a chance at trophy mats.

In a favorable market, you’ll get close to covering the purchase price with the value of the prismatics alone. If you get a good trophy mat, you can move into the profit region.

Combined with the thrill of gambling and the standing you’ll gain in the town you’re crafting from, this can be a fun activity.

Another, riskier but potentially far more profitable, version is Armoring aptitude crates, which can drop Adamant or Harden Crystal. Despite now being available in supply crates as mentioned above, these still command a decent price on the Trading Post.

Edited in Season 4. The XP gained from Piles of Bananas was reduced to about a third of the previous amount, however, if the price of bananas also went down by a similar amount on your server, this can still be a viable method. It will be interesting to see what happens with banana prices in Season 5 due to the Cooking revamp.

Crafting in general

Please note: Trade skill level, clothes and trophies are required.

Updated by Editor in Season 3

This one is great, but it does require a lot of attention and effort along with a starting amount of gold. Crafting and rolling gear is great for gold but can be risky for some people. It does require a significant amount of tier V/ legendary resources. Crafting the actual gear depends on your luck. Whether you roll a 600 let along the perks you want on it to be classed as BIS (Best-in-Slot) or near BIS is a big gamble. 

You can start off with any amount of gold you like but the preferred amount is around 40-60k which is more than enough for a few rolls without using all your gold at once. I start to roll gear using around 20-40k making sure I have around 20k left for myself to use in case it is needed elsewhere. Once I roll 600 GS items whether it be tools, weapons or armour, I research using the trade post to see what those particular perks are worth as the market fluctuates up and down day to day. 

The return in gold all depends on what you have rolled. Whether it be from what the actual item is or the perks the item contains it will all affect the sell amount. However this can all change along with the game. People may come up with new combo perks that could get removed or nerfed. These factors can make all the difference.  

In Season 3, crafting has changed significantly. There is much less gambling for BIS (best in slot) and much more time-gating and control over perks. You can check out our Armorcrafting article for more details.

There are a couple of ways to make money with crafting now. The most simple is to purchase your weekly Azoth Inductor and sell the craft. This means finding a customer before crafting and then making something according to their requirements.

You can also make Matrix and either sell them or use them to craft 700 GS gear. There can still be a degree of gambling here, if you research popular “BIS” perks and craft using the two least likely to roll, you might be lucky enough to get the third one to roll randomly. You can then sell the items for a similar price to an Azoth Inductor craft.

Items such as bags and tools have kept their pre-expansion legendary perks when crafted at the old T5 level (600GS+), so there is also a market for making and selling them. Many people would prefer to avoid the premium price that comes with 700Gs and just pick up their desired mote Alignment, or Lasting Consumption on their bags. Check market prices before crafting to make sure you’ll make a profit.

More on crafting – Trophies and Gear

This can sometimes feel repetitive and mind numbing at times as it is the same thing over and over and over. These particular items will always be in demand as new and old players come in and out of the new world all the time they are looking for these items that at times are needed depending on the activity. Some are better than others like the human idol and engineer hat just to name a few. All the farm spots are scattered all around the world of Aeternum. You can find links and more information about the trophy mat bosses to farm in our Trophy Hunt guide.

For the past few months, Human Idols have sat at 16-20k ea. The Human Idol has a very low chance to drop from the boss and does require a group of at least 5 including a healer to be efficient. The boss is on a spawn timer of 6 minutes and 30 seconds. If you’re not lucky don’t worry! You do get a Human Shard each time he is killed, 100 shards will get you one Human Idol. Which in total takes around 10 hours. 

However, the engineer hat has sat at 6-8k and can be easier to obtain since it has a higher chance of dropping than the human idol and can be quicker to get one or two. The engineer’s hat is also solo-able with a spear or a bow.

Running Story Mode Expeditions

Added by Editor in Season 3

With the increased level cap and reduced difficulty of story mode dungeons, groups of 65s can smash through them very quickly. Every expedition has some guaranteed coin drops from the more serious bosses, so it’s possible to work out how much gold you can make per run.  u/HildegaardUmbra has kindly made a chart comparing the gold drops per dungeon and posted it on reddit/newworldgame.

If you make sure to pick up any repeatable quests for the expedition and run through quickly, those 25 runs per day can generate quite a lot of cash.

Don’t Give Up!

This is by far the most important tip I could give you. All methods that have been mentioned above are all worth it! Some things sell fast some don’t, so don’t feel disheartened if things don’t sell in a day. They have all seemed to work not just for me but for others as well. I’m always happy to share my experience on making gold and help you in such a vital section of the game which isn’t spoken about in such depth.


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  • […] Although some youtubers suggest various schemes, there’s really no get-rich-quick shortcut. New World is designed to give you small amounts of money for many varied activities, and it is frustrating or impossible to get rich doing only one thing intensely. Closing two corrupted breaches daily (or killing two beast bosses in Elysian Wilds) gives you coin bonuses (I recommend major breaches, for better non-monetary rewards). Your first three completed faction missions daily give a coin bonus. Once you are max level in gathering/refining/crafting, you get a bonus each time you pass the 0, ⅓, ⅔ tick mark on the progress circle, so go chop wood for 5 minutes each day. Invasions (which are large-group PVE) also give good coin rewards and some dark matter too. You’ll also get significant coins on drops from killing named bosses in expeditions (chart here), trials, and ECRs, and three random kills daily give bags of juniper berries containing coins. Main and side quests also give coin rewards. Once per week at the gypsum kiln you can convert 20 gypsum orbs into 1500 coins plus 250 dark matter (‘Cache of Gold-n-Matter’). Even with unavoidable taxes, fees, and repairs, just playing is a net-profitable activity, so limiting your spending will cause your purse to grow, regardless of what you do. A reasonable expectation is to earn 2500-4000 per hour of dedicated effort.  For starters, you can earn an easy 1000 coins per day in about 30-45 minutes by completing 3 faction missions (~200), 2 corruption portals (500), and killing enemies for 3 random bags of juniper berries (~300), plus gatherables, salvages, and other incidental rewards along the way. Another good introduction to earning coins, with some additional detailed approaches, is here. […]

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