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Streets of Transmog

 Streets of Transmog

Transmog is here baybee! It’s been so fun seeing people mill around the Stylemancer and roam Aeturnum in fiercely fashionable form. Collecting appearances is a new fun game, and so is taking screenshots of unsuspecting victims!

Delos personalities, PokeyHokey and Leanne Springs spotted doing a fantastic Mario and Luigi impression.

Also found, a lone Luigi by Steallz.

A decidedly unique look by Kentanggg.

TNTmaniax in beautifully dyed skins.

Mourningdale Local, LiZarDy in a pretty pastel concoction.

Golden axemen in very different styles – itsJamesz in the Might of the Sands and Milligano in the PVP skins.

A beautiful palette on this rendition of the Isabella shirt by sabanam.

Some nice takes on red and pink together with these fits by utinn on the left and Jigsaw286 on the right.

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Lish is an inspired decorator and explorer of Aeturum's lesser-known places. She's also a dedicated Healer for Don't Die Alone. Lish contributes to the Lifestyle and Opinion articles on Utopian Organ and is the primary proponent for the name of the publication.

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