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The Hidden Treasures of New World

 The Hidden Treasures of New World

Here at the Utopian Organ, we have a passion for furniture and good decorating. Recently we came across a guide on Reddit that puts our collections to shame. We reached out to Eirill from the Nyssa server, who posts as u/jespergran, and received permission to reprint this amazing guide to the intricacies of New World rare collecting.

We’ve also added direct links to the furniture pieces listed on new-world.guide, to make it easier for you to find out more about the items you desire.

You can find the original post on reddit here: The Hidden Treasures of New World: A Guide to New World’s rarest furniture. Please go ahead and give it an up vote.

Beginner guide for rare Furniture

Furniture in New World can be obtained from various sources, with the primary ones being large supply chests, large ancient chests, and elite chests. Certain furniture pieces can also be acquired through events, quests, PvP arenas, PvE trials and the store. It is important to note that some furniture loot pools are universal across all zones, while others are zone-specific. In some cases, furniture may have a schematic, which requires the player to craft it into furniture at a workshop in a town.

Advanced Guide for rare Furniture

In New World, acquiring rare furniture can be an excellent way to distinguish your home from others. The rarity of furniture is determined by the loot pool from which it is obtained. The first type of furniture we will explore is found in large supply, large ancient, and elite chests.

These furniture items can be divided into three categories: Brimstone Furniture, Ebonscale Furniture, and Global Furniture. Brimstone and Ebonscale Furniture are unique to their respective zones, while Global Furniture can be found throughout Aeternum. The top items of these categories of furniture generally sell for 1,000 to 8,000 gold and usually have a drop rate of somewhere in between 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 10,000 for each large or elite chest opened.

At present, there is no in-game mechanism to determine the rarity of furniture when you obtain it. Moreover, the color of the item’s rarity can be misleading, leading you to believe that an item is less rare than it actually is. If you ever find yourself wondering about the rarity of a particular furniture piece, new-world.guide can be an excellent resource to check its drop rate. Additionally, you can use nwmarketprices to assess the recent value of the furniture on your server and obtain an estimate of its worth, but keep in mind players might be unaware and have sold it cheap before you, so don’t do the same mistake.

Since these items can be obtained from both large and elite chests, you can repeatedly engage in one-hour chest runs to acquire them from the large chests, similar to how you would farm for trophy materials. The loot pools for these chests contain a significant number of furniture items.

10 examples of rare furniture pieces from each area

Although rare, the furniture pieces discussed above are still relatively common when compared to the exclusive 80 furniture pieces found only in Elite Chests across Aeternum. The elite furniture items are so scarce that you are more likely to win the lottery than to obtain one of these items. Further details about these items will be provided in the Expert Guide below.

Editor’s note: some of these items were made available as Season Pass rewards, with players receiving the item itself on the Free Season Track and the schematic for making the item on the Premium Track. These are marked ***  and by season (S2, S3, S4, S5).

Expert Guide to furniture

Furnishing is often regarded as the ultimate end-game pursuit in New World, following the attainment of maximum trade skills, collection of all trophies, and acquisition of BiS armor and weapons across all aspects of the game. After all these accomplishments, players can utilize their vast wealth to indulge in furniture acquisition.

The most prestigious furniture items in the game are obtained exclusively through Elite Chests. A total of 80 furniture items fall into this category, with the three most expensive and well-known being the Goldfish in a Porcelain Bowl, Bonsai Centerpiece, and Carved Statue of Jupiter schematic. Every time you open an Elite Chest, there is a 1 / 20,000 chance of entering this furniture loot pool.

If you are ever unsure whether an item belongs to the exclusive loot pool, I recommend either checking its rarity and value on the websites referenced in the advanced guide, or familiarizing yourself with all 80 furniture items listed below. Unfortunately, the game itself does not provide information on which loot pool an item belongs to, but this guide will give you access to a comprehensive list that includes all 80 elite furniture items.

Like the furniture featured in the Advanced Guide, these 80 items are also categorized as Global, Brimstone, and Ebonscale furniture. 12 of the items are available globally, 57 can be found in Brimstone, and 11 are located in Ebonscale. I’ll now go into more detail of each specific zone and their furniture drops.

Global Elite Furniture

This particular loot pool comprises 12 furniture items that can be acquired from all elite chests scattered throughout Aeternum. The precise rarity of these items is somewhat uncertain. According to new-world.guide, each of the 12 items has a drop chance of 1/1,600,000. However, I believe that the drop rate varies by zone. In Brimstone, the chance of acquiring them is 1/1,380,000; in Ebonscale, the odds are 1/460,000, and in other elite chest zones, the chances are 1/240,000. The 12 items typically sell for prices ranging from 15k to 40k gold, with the Brass Telescope being the most expensive, fetching up to 90k gold. Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be obtained from the free seasons crate and have seen their prices halved since the release of the season pass. Here is a list of all 12 items:

Editor’s note: some of these items were made available as Season Pass rewards, with players receiving the item itself on the Free Season Track and the schematic for making the item on the Premium Track. These are marked ***  and by season (S2, S3, S4, S5).

All 12 Global Elite Furniture items

Ebonscale Elite Furniture

These 11 furniture items are widely regarded as the most prestigious items in the game, and they can only be obtained from the Ebonscale zone, which has a total of nine elite chests, eight of which are located in the Imperial Palace.

The chances of obtaining one of these items from the elite furniture loot pool are 1 in 20,000, after which the game selects between the 11 Ebonscale furniture and 12 global elite furniture, giving each piece of furniture in this zone a 1 in 460,000 chance of dropping. To put this into perspective, you would have to run Imperial Palace every day for 157 years and six months straight just to have a chance at obtaining the furniture you desire.

The 11 items typically sell for prices ranging from 100k to 750k gold, with the Goldfish in a Porcelain Bowl being the most expensive, fetching up to 1.5 million gold. Items that are marked with an asterisk (*) can be obtained from the free seasons crate, and since the release of the season pass, their prices have dropped by a factor of ten. Here is a list of all 11 items:

All 11 Ebonscale Elite Furniture items

10/11 of the Ebonscale elite furniture (Missing Bonsai Centerpiece)

Brimstone Elite Furniture

If you thought the drop rate of Ebonscale’s 11 furniture pieces was low, the drop rate for Brimstone’s 57 furniture items is even lower, being three times lower than Ebonscale’s items. The zone comprises of 57 Brimstone furniture items and 12 global furniture items, you first got a 1/20,000 chance of entering the elite loot pool, and it then picks between the 69 different items, making the chance of each furniture a staggering 1/1,380,000.

However, the zone also has 72 elite and acid chests, making it relatively easier to obtain the desired item compared to Ebonscale. Out of the 57 Brimstone elite furniture items, 20 of them are also schematics, which means that if someone on the server finds the schematic and keeps crafting the furniture, the furniture becomes widely available on the server, but your server is lucky to even have a single schematic found in the first place.

The 57 items typically sell for prices ranging from 25k to 100k gold, with the Carved Statue of Jupiter schematic being the most expensive, fetching up to 500k gold. Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be obtained from the free seasons crate, while those marked with two asterisks (**) are available in the paid Inferno furniture crate. Since the release of the season pass, their prices have dropped by a factor of five. Here is a list of all 57 items:

Editor’s note: the items in the premium track Inferno Furniture crates are crafted furniture only, so the schematics have still retained their rarity.
*** From Season 2, AGS started including rare furniture as items on the Free Seasons Track and schematics on the Premium Track. These are marked with their respective season below (S2, S3, S4, S5)

All 57 Brimstone Elite Furniture items

A collection of various Brimstone elite furniture

The elite chest furniture consists of 80 furniture items, most of which have a value ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 gold, with a few exceptions. In cases where the furniture has a schematic, the item itself will be less expensive, as owners of the schematic can craft as many of the items as they wish, provided they have the necessary materials. Furniture with schematics generally sell for 3,000 to 7,000 gold, while the schematics themselves can fetch prices ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 gold.

Even on the most populated servers, only a few of these 80 schematics and furniture pieces have been discovered, particularly those found in Brimstone and Ebonscale. Since acquiring these items through elite chests is almost impossible, the only way to obtain them is by placing buy orders for the furniture items you desire and checking all 80 items at least once daily for several months.

It is worth noting that the prices of some of these items have plummeted due to seasons and inferno furniture crates in the season pass. An item that was once worth 50,000 or more may now be valued at less than 15,000 gold. It is essential to check whether a piece of furniture is marked with an asterisk (*) in the list above, indicating that it is available through a seasons crate.

Arena and Trial furniture

Dryad Grove Sapling, dropping from Eternal Pool caches with a drop rate of 1 / 960

Apart from the 80 exclusive and highly uncommon elite furniture items, there are other rare furniture items that can be unlocked by participating in PvE and PvP content. Specifically, three PvE trial furniture items and four PvP arena furniture items are available.

To obtain the three PvE trial furniture items, players must successfully complete the Siren’s Queen, Monoecious Cleft, and Eternal Pool trials, each of which has a 1/960 chance of dropping one of the three furniture pieces: Siren Queen’s Spear, Severed Spriggan’s Claw, and Dryad Grove Sapling.

The drop rate for the four furniture items obtained by completing a PvP arena is unknown. However, these items were more commonly dropped when arenas were initially released, but their drop rate has since decreased. The four items are: Mounted Arena Saber, Crossed Arena Great Axes, Crossed Arena Hatchets, and Riches from the Arenas

All Arena and Trial Furniture items

Thank you so much to jespergran for putting together this comprehensive and informative guide to furniture in New World. Remember to up vote it here. Good luck to us all in finding the rarer pieces, and even if you don’t decorate, you might be able to make a fortune!

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