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Winter Convergence Festival

 Winter Convergence Festival

December 13 - January 9

The Winter Convergence Festival is back, starting on December 12th on December 13th, along with the Season 4 update. It looks like AGS has reviewed feedback about previous events and made some changes this year. Of note, the Gift Collection process should be less of a chore.

Gift Piles in Towns

  • 4 presents per pile
  • 2 Diamond Gypsum and 1 random holiday food
  • Limit of 3 per day

Gift Sacks in Winter Villages

  • 3 presents per sack
  • 1 random holiday food
  • Limit of 1 per day

Presents give better rewards the bigger the pile. You can upgrade your settlement’s gift pile by doing Town Projects, which also count for your Season Pass.

Hastily Wrapped Present

  • 1 Winter Token
  • 1 Lockbox – 100 gold, silver ingot
  • Blue Winter Event pattern

Beautifully Wrapped Present

  • 3 Winter Tokens
  • Premium Winter Token
  • 1 Lockbox – 100 gold, silver ingot
  • Blue Winter Event pattern

Exquisitely Wrapped Present

  • 5 Winter Tokens
  • Premium Winter Token
  • 1 Lockbox – 100 gold, silver ingot
  • Blue Winter Event pattern

Note: Premium Winter Tokens and Blue Winter Event patterns are random bonus items. Lockboxes appear in the first three presents you open per day.

World Boss

The Winter Warrior World Boss is a good source of Dark Matter, dropping 15 three times a day. If you do it regularly, you can collect enough Dark Matter over the four weeks of the event to upgrade two Artifacts. 

This is also the best way to farm tokens, as each kill grants you from 1 to 5 Warrior’s Hailspikes, which can be exchanged for 10 Winter Tokens at the Winter Village. There is no daily limit on these.

As of Update 4.0.1, the Winter Warrior now grants 1 Warrior’s Hailspike per kill, with a limit of 3 per day. Each Hailspike converts to 2 Premium tokens. If players have excess Hailspikes, they can be converted to the new values at a limit of 5 per day.

The zones he spawns in are Great Cleave, Ebonscale Reach, Shattered Mountain, and Brimstone Sands, despite the official notes saying differently.

Event Shop

There are a range of new rewards in the Event Shop, including Skins, Emotes, and housing decorations. You can view the full details below. What has most people excited is the 700GS crafting mats:

Chromatic Seal

  • Limit of 1 per 3 days
  • Total of 9 over the event
  • Worth 5000 gold each at the Faction vendor
  • Cost: 10 Premium Winter Tokens

Azoth Inductor

  • Limit of 1 per week
  • Total of 4 over the event
  • Worth 25000 gold each at the Faction vendor
  • Cost: 20 Premium Winter Tokens

Pristine Gleamite

Instead of selling individual event patterns as usual, this year we can buy Pristine Gleamite, which is a special ingredient used in new 700GS recipes. There is a limit of one Pristine Gleamite per week, they cost 15 Premium Winter Tokens, and the items crafted are Bind on Pickup. They come with all predetermined perks, including the attribute. 

Armour Perks

  • Health
  • Enchanted Ward
  • Luck

Weapon Perks

  • Keen (or Blessed)
  • Frost Attunement
  • Luck

The ingredients required to craft these recipes are Tier 5 2 – Mythril, Dark Leather, Spinweave, rather than Prismatic, so it does make sense to limit their availability. However, I don’t think it would have hurt to allow the crafted items to be Bind on Equip and tradeable, in the spirit of generosity, gifting and the true meaning of Christmas – capitalism!

Note: you need 205 Crafting skill to make these recipes, unlike previous years where the pattern required 0 skill.

Winter Villages

You’ll need to travel to a Winter Village to purchase items from the Event Shop with Winter Tokens, as well as collect your gifts from the Gift Sack and convert Gleamite. There are four villages, in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluff, Brightwood and Weaver’s Fen. 

Getting Winter Tokens

Due to some of the more desirable items having cooldowns, you’ll probably want to earn Winter tokens as quickly as possible to activate your first cooldown period.

To access the Event Shop, players will need to level up their event reputation by completing the quest. Those of us who did this last year will already have the reputation and be able to access all levels of shop rewards.

Winter Tokens can be gained from Gifts, Gleamite, Recovered Presents, and the Winter Warrior.

  • 1 Winter Token per Hastily Wrapped Present
  • 3 Winter Tokens per Beautifully Wrapped Present, plus a chance for a Premium Winter Token
  • 5 Winter Tokens per Exquisitely Wrapped Present, plus a chance for a Premium Winter Token
  • 1 Winter Token for 3 Recovered Presents
  • 1 Winter Token for 6 Gleamite
  • 10 Winter Tokens 2 Premium Tokens for 1 Warrior’s Hailspikes (from world boss)
  • 25 Winter Tokens = 1 Premium Token

Gleamite Meteors

This year, there are more Gleamite Meteors than ever, making it easier to collect gleamite for your Winter Tokens. You can consume a holiday food to increase the amount of gleamite you get from each node.

You then take the Gleamite to a cart in the Winter Village and convert it to Winter Tokens.

From the source:

You can visit a direct link here, or read a copy of the news below:

Greetings, Adventurers!

‘Twas the night before Winter Convergence, booming Gleamite Meteors dance across the sky. The whimsical Winter Wanderer armed with holiday cheer gracefully descends upon Aeternum. Offering joy to all, the jolly, young gentleman adorns Winter Villages with Gifts, Trees of Light, and Holiday Huts.

But the wicked Winter Warrior donned in malice rises carelessly from the darkest caverns of the Eternal Isle. Snatching the warmth of the holiday, Frigid Folk, a Forever Winter, and misery lurk behind the cruel, old brute. Help the Winter Wanderer fight back against the bitter chill of the icy scourge for new event-specific rewards.

Holiday cheer spreads across Aeternum once more as Winter Convergence blankets the Eternal Isle on December 12, 2023 through January 9, 2024. This year’s festival features changes to Winter Village Gifts, Gleamite Meteors, and rewards based on player feedback. You can also purchase new and returning items in the Event Shop.


Here’s how the Development Team made Winter Convergence Festival rewards even more satisfying.


We wanted to cut down on the number of Winter Villages players felt like they had to visit for meaningful rewards, so we upped the amount of gifts for both Gift Piles and Gift Sacks.

  • Each Gift Pile will now include 4 presents (previously 1) per player, but players may only interact with 3 Trees of Light daily. Gift piles will also include 2 White Gypsum and 1 random holiday food.

  • Each Gift Sack will now provide 3 presents (previously 1) on the first interaction, but players may only interact with 1 Gift Sack daily. Gift sacks will also include 1 random holiday food.

Items marked with daily limits will reset at 5 AM local time. For example, if a player interacts with their third Tree of Light at 4:58 AM, they’ll be able to earn another at 5:01 AM.


The Winter Warrior and his glacial minions are back, bringing with them another threat of the Forever Winter. Rally a party of 20+ players to defeat this open-world boss wreaking havoc throughout Great Cleave, Brightwood, Edengrove, Ebonscale Reach, and Brimstone Sands for a bounty of limited-time rewards.

To further incentive the safety of Aeternum, the Winter Warrior will now drop 15 Dark Matter 3 times daily.


An unknown phenomenon has increased the frequency of Gleamite Meteors around the world. Share your favorite images and discuss the best sightseeing spots with the community.


Visit Holiday Huts at any Winter Village to craft Winter Tokens in exchange for Lost Presents, Gleamite, or Warrior’s Hailspikes (Winter Warrior drop). Winter Tokens can be used at the Event Shop to purchase the following event-specific items. Increase your Reputation through holiday quests, Gleamite Meteors, Gift Piles, Trees of Light, Lost Presents, and Gift Sacks for a wider selection of rewards.


Pick up valuable Crafting items like Azoth Inductors, Chromatic Seals, and Pristine Gleamite alongside fresh holiday rewards such as a Snowball Flail.

  • Swinging Snowball (Gear Score 400 Flail)

  • Wooden Mobile

  • Festive Centerpiece

  • Gleamite Strings Lights

  • Choochoo Train Set

  • Pristine Gleamite crafting material for Gear Score 700 static Weapons/Armor/Jewelry. (Limit: One purchase per week)

  • Azoth Inductor (Limit: One purchase per week)

  • Chromatic Seal (Limit: One purchase every 3 days)

  • Golden Wreath Coat skin

  • Golden Wreath Helmet Skin

  • Golden Wreath Pants Skin

  • Golden Wreath Gloves Skin

  • Winter Warrior’s Leggings Skin

  • Winter Warrior’s Boots Skin

  • Pop the Bottle Emote

  • Ice Skate Emote

  • Jingle Bell Emote

  • Intricate Igloo Camp Skin


Pick up any emotes, Housing items, and skins you may have missed from last year’s festivities.

  • Spiced Nog

  • Mealiewrap

  • Convergence Cake

  • Buttercream Pudding

  • Gingersnap Cookie

  • Flute of the Winter Star (Flute Skin)

  • Convergence Cacophony (Guitar Skin)

  • Yeti-Fur Bass (Bass Skin)

  • The Beat of Winter (Drum Skin)

  • Chilly Melody (Mandolin Skin)

  • Snowcapped Chair

  • Snowcapped Shelf

  • Snowcapped Nightstand

  • Snowcapped Lantern

  • Snowcapped Rabbit

  • Iceburst (Gear Score 400 Sword)

  • Frigid Bulwark (Gear Score 400 Round Shield)

  • Aegis of Ice (Gear Score 400 Kite Shield)

  • Blizzard’s Fury (Gear Score 400 Bow)

  • Frostbarrel (Gear Score 400 Musket)

  • Icebarrel (Gear Score 400 Blunderbuss)

  • Winter’s War Hammer (Gear Score 400 War Hammer)

  • Frozen Shard (Gear Score 400 Hatchet)

  • Everchill Cleaver (Gear Score 400 Great Axe)

  • Cold Calamity (Gear Score 400 Greatsword)

  • Tip of the Iceberg (Gear Score 400 Rapier)

  • Icicle (Gear Score 400 Spear)

  • Sizzling Snow (Gear Score 400 Fire Staff)

  • Cold’s Cure (Gear Score 400 Life Staff)

  • Crystalline Gauntlet (Gear Score 400 Ice Gauntlet)

  • Bitter Shadow (Gear Score 400 Void Gauntlet)

  • Snowcapped Dining Table

  • Snowcapped Bookcase

  • Snowcapped Chandelier

  • Snowcapped Bed

  • Snowcapped Boar Sculpture

  • Snowcapped Stag Sculpture

  • Festive “Toy” Rabbit

  • Give Present Emote

  • Winter Wanderer’s Cloak Skin

  • Snowcapped Yeti Sculpture

  • Wittl’ Winter Wiskers

  • Winter Wanderer’s Helm Skin

  • Winter Wanderer’s Flowing Cloak Skin

  • Winter Warrior’s Helm Skin

  • Winter Warrior’s Glove Skin

  • Winter Scale Coat Skin

  • Gleamite Juggle Emote

  • Throw Snow Emote

  • Shruggy Dance Emote

  • The Winter Gem Camp Skin

Thanks for your support and have a happy holidays! We’ll see you in Aeternum.

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