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Year of the Dragon

 Year of the Dragon

Get your Spicy Hot Pots for a limited time only!

The Year of the Dragon is being described by the team as a Micro Event, so it would be wise not to expect too much. This event utilises current items and places of interest to inject a sense of celebration in the theme of Chinese New Year. 

The event will begin on February 7th (approximately 2am February 8th Delos server time, when servers return after the patch) and run until the 20th.

Daily Rewards

It looks like the daily task cycle for this event involves heading to Ebonscale Reach and collecting ingredients to craft up your Spicy Hot Pot and other food items. There is a daily limit of 1-per-day for each dish, but they are tradeable so there are ways to build up your stash for the year or profit from this event. While you’re in town, pick up a Fortune’s Gift Sack from the Gift Sack pile.

Then, head to the Tribute Table in one of three rotating POIs in Ebonscale:

  • Skysong Temple, Elevated Central Path

  • Serenity Outpost, Upper Deck

  • Imperial Palace, Waterfall platform

Complete your offering for the Dragon’s Blessing and receive a Fortune’s Gift Sack. Fight the Corupted Maiden and receive a Named Dragonscale heavy armour piece. It seems like you might be able to do this twice a day, as they say you can receive 2 Fortune’s Gift Sacks in the tribute daily.

You’ll need to do a few tasks first to trigger the event. It doesn’t matter who does them, the event progresses for everyone.

  • Find and retrieve the Century Wine
  • Find and retrieve the Ancient Scroll
  • Cook Blooming Fish in the wok on the food cart nearby
  • Place the items on the Tribute Table to begin the Ritual
  • Kill 4 Corrupted enemies
  • Fight waves of Corruption for 45 seconds
  • Kill 1 Dynasty Heavy and 2 Musketeers
  • Defeat Dynasty Maiden Ying and her two tigers – make sure you get kill credit to get a bag with a piece of the Dragonscale armor and a Fortune’s Gift Sack in it.
  • Attune to the Dragon’s blessing within 90 seconds to get a second Fortune’s Gift Sack.

If you miss either of the Gift Sacks, you can do the ritual again. Otherwise, you have reached your reward daily cap.

New Food item

The Spicy Hot Pot is a completely new food item, granting a 25% Faction Token gain and a 15% Gathering Yield buff. These are generous numbers and I really hope these are Bind on Equip so we can trade them.

Fortune's Gift Sack

You get one of these from the Gift Sack and two from the Tribute, each day.

  • 15 Dark Matter

  • 1 Pristine Gem

  • 2 to 3 Dyes

  • 10 Silk

  • Gift of Fortune (88 Coins)

  • 3 Large Dragon Fish

While it doesn’t look like we’re getting shop dyes from this event, there is a chance of the Limoncello, Morning Mist, and Royal Azalea Springtide Bloom event dyes, plus the three Faction-exclusive dyes.

New upgradable Heavy Armor

There are five pieces of armour to collect, which drop when you defeat the Corrupted Maiden who spawns after a successful sacrifice at a Tribute Offering.

At the end of the day, this is a Micro Event, and fireworks in Ebonscale, some new named items, and a significantly new food item are all things to enjoy. Everyone will appreciate an injection of coin, plus the gems, silk, fish, and dyes are a bonus that can be used or sold.

From the source:

You can visit a direct link here, or read a copy of the news below:

Greetings, Adventurers!

Before corruption plagued the ancient structures, citizens of Ebonscale Reach offered tributes for good fortune and blessings. Awaken the ancient dragon spirit once again on February 7 through 20, but watch out. The Corrupted Maiden lurks in the shadows, waiting to snatch blessings from unsuspecting Adventurers. Join Longtable Banquets, Tribute Offerings, and Firework Ceremonies for event-specific rewards like Fortune’s Gift Sacks. How will you celebrate the Year of the Dragon?


The Longtable Banquet features a variety of festive cuisine for tribute. First, gather Red Meat from the set of banquet tables in Ebonscale Reach. Next, take your ingredients to the hotpot. Finally, fire up a wok full of boiling red broth and meat to craft a Spicy Hotpot item. Don’t forget to also taste the other culinary delicacies!

  • Spicy Hot Pot: Grants +25% Faction Token gain and +15% Gathering yield.

  • Platter and Pots: Four different attribute raising food.

    • Roasted Gnufish: Strength +40

    • Fried Albenaja: Dexterity +40

    • Smoke Rib Cap with Cabbage and Barley Soup: Constitution +24, Focus +16

    • Pork Belly Fried Rice: Constitution +24, Intelligence +16

  • Steamed Ration: A bundle of recovery food.

    • 3 Hearty Meals

    • 1 Energizing Hearty Meal

Each dish has a 1-day cooldown.


Ebonscale Tribute Offerings are one of the oldest traditions in Aeternum. Retrieve Heirlooms from the corrupted (2 of the following: Jade Bracelet, Ancient Scroll, and Century Wine) and locate the Tribute Table at 1 of 3 rotating POIs each day:

  • Skysong Temple, Elevated Central Path

  • Serenity Outpost, Upper Deck

  • Imperial Palace, Waterfall platform

Offer both the Heirlooms and a tribute dish to call for the Dragon’s Blessing. Following a successful sacrifice, players will receive 1 Fortune’s Gift Sack. A Corrupted Maiden will then attempt to snatch your blessing. Defeat the boss for a named Dynasty New Year Gear (1 out of 5 Heavy Armor pieces, 675 Gear Score, upgradeable):

  • Dragonscale Helmet

  • Dragonscale Breastplate

  • Dragonscale Gauntlets

  • Dragonscale Trousers

  • Dragonscale Greaves


Celebrate the festivities every evening in the town of Fortune’s Crossing with a firework ceremony.


Players can obtain 1 Fortune’s Gift Sack from the Gift Sack pile and 2 in the tribute daily. Daily rewards reset at 5 AM local time.

  • 15 Dark Matter

  • 1 Pristine Gem

  • 2 to 3 Dyes

  • 10 Silk

  • Gift of Fortune (88 Coins)

  • 3 Large Dragon Fish

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.

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