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Yetis Loot Drops Re-enabled

 Yetis Loot Drops Re-enabled

Don't get exited for your Dark Matter farm though

In the desperate race for more and faster Dark Matter at the beginning of Season 3, some enterprising New World players discovered that Yetis were spawning quickly and dropping loot that could be salvaged for Dark Matter. Adventurers flocked to these locations in search of their DM fix, and AGS responded in typical fashion – by turning the tap off.

Today sees the return of the Yetis, but what of the farm? This intrepid reporter travelled to the far north to investigate the loot situation firsthand. Sadly, it was pitiful. The Yeti takes a couple of minutes to spawn and is far less generous with his loot. From 6 kills of Isvari, only one gold item was received. Juna looked more promising, with a gold drop first up, but that was followed by blue drops or nothing at all.

So, while this remains as a tourist attraction, and possible Engineer Shoes or Weaponsmith Gloves farm, you’ll have to get your Dark Matter elsewhere.

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Yetis Loot Drops Re-enabled

The loot drops that were temporarily disabled from Yetis in Edengrove and Shattered Mountain in Update 3.0.2 has been re-enabled. These loot drops are now obtainable.

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