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Bloody Psychopath

 Bloody Psychopath

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ABYZZMOS's Bloody Psychopath

I like the build for survivability with Leeching Flurry. There are active bleeds going for when I’m not able to attack. I’m a DEX player and when I prefer melee over using a bow this is what I run.

Build Summary


  • Rapier
  • Spear

Best for:

  • PVE
  • Corrupted enemies

Main Attributes:

  • Dexterity
  • Constitution

This includes things that prevent damage such as blocks, stuns, roots, staggers.

This includes things that strengthen the team and mitigate damage, such as healing, buffing and debuffing.

This is pretty self-explanatory and covers raw damage output, including damage over time.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Weapon Ability Trees

Skewer for weakening. Perforate for rending, weakening and a fast damage. Sweep for crowd control. Tondo and Flurry both stack bleeds and at three stacks Flourish and Finish shreds big chunks of health off.

Attribute distribution

This is a DEX build and takes advantage of the 25 point milestone bonuses on all attributes.

  • The 25 FOC is for a 5% ability cooldown reduction.
  • INT has a 5% increase to backstabs and random critical hits.
  • STR has a 5% to light attacks.

CON for survival and the rest goes into DEX for damage. This setup is with the Banana Parfait which gives 48 CON. If using the rabbit food (40 CON), then DEX should be at 398 just to keep the CON at 150. There shouldn’t be too much of a difference as attributes have diminishing returns after 350. All stats can be tweaked to however you want if you want to play on less CON and more damage.

Important perks


I like having Bleeding Sweep on the weapon as it gives the Coup De Grace more of a purpose to be used other than a heavy downwards backstab. I am also running Keenly Empowered on my Finisher (rapier). I was running Rogue but it’s not always easy to get behind enemies as I do a lot of solo stuff in the game too.


Leeching Flurry. I used to have it on the rapier but since getting Finisher I can’t have it there. I also have Enfeebling Skewer as I’m putting another weaken from the follow-up Perforate. Bleeding Sweep on the armor and Skewer on the weapon is still okay. If you are starting out the build you may not have the exact pieces of gear. With that being said, Enfeebling Skewer is a must.


For the Ring, at this moment Hearty is the obvious but definitely Thrust Damage and Leeching. That’s when I’m not using the Blooddrinker. If using Blooddrinker, I use Thrust Damage. I had Keen Awareness on it but I main thrust damage weapons as a DPS.

Health, Refreshing and a protection on the Amulet

My advice

How I start is I Skewer into the enemy clump or boss, Perforate and Sweep or I Sweep and Perforate. It depends. With rapier I will Tondo, Flurry, Tondo and then Flourish and Finish. That will hit max bleed stacks. Flurry has to hit properly or it won’t stack a bleed.

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