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The Expedition Medic

The only M3 Gold healer setup that provides results. This build uses the Life Staff as a secondary weapon and Void Gauntlet as the primary. The goal here is to do damage whilst providing passive


Bloody Psychopath

I like the build for survivability with Leeching Flurry. There are active bleeds going for when I'm not able to attack. I'm a DEX player and when I prefer melee over using a bow this


The Vampire Tank

I like the self-sustain of this build that lets me do solo content. It is also good in dungeons with newer healers. Damage is reduced due to the Blooddrinker artifact ring, however this enables a


AOE Healer

For PVE I find this build great in dungeons. From M1 to M3 it works really well. The combination of the Refreshing, Health, and Enchanted Ward allows me to survive while in light armor but


The Serpent

With high DPS and low Con, I focus on versatility and adaptability in combat. The Great Sword serves as my heavy-hitting, high-damage weapon while...


NaRok ‘n’ Roll Tanking

This is a classic defensive tank, with the addition of the flail which brings mobility and extra taunts. With all four taunts, it's easy to keep control of the pack and maintain a sense of

New World Character Builds

This page is in the early stages of development, with the hopes of becoming a repository of player knowledge. To make this happen, we would love to receive submissions of builds from a range of