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Breaking News: Does Physical Aversion Stack?

 Breaking News: Does Physical Aversion Stack?

With the introduction of the new Spring Event Store patterns, there have been rumours circulating that Physical Aversion does not stack. Our investigative reporters took to the mountains of Ebonscale Reach to test out the validity of these claims.

The 600GS patterns in the 2023 Spring Event Shop roll guaranteed Legendary, with a choice of the five straight attributes, plus Physical Aversion, Refreshing and one random perk. They require no skill to make and are Bind on Pickup.

To conduct our tests, Narokstar and I nuded up and went out into the fresh air behind the Lover’s Shrine. We chose items with the same type of Armor Rating (all heavy tier V balanced) and no other damage mitigation bonuses. We decided three items were enough to test whether stacking was indeed occurring, so purchased boots, gloves and a helm from the Trading Post. The weapon used was an Uncommon Flatbow of the Warden, with no additional perks. In order to reduce variables further, I despecced my Bow entirely and had less than 50 Dexterity.

Physical Aversion Armour

Control Armour

Purely to avoid headshots polluting our data, I chose to shoot Narok in the groin area. Attacks were light, from a stationary position. From left to right (or top to bottom on mobile), Narok is wearing no Physical Aversion, 1 piece, 2 pieces, and 3 pieces.

Regular Light Bow attacks against Physical Aversion

Critical Hit Bow attacks against Physical Aversion

0 1 2 3
Light Attack 309 300 290 280
Critical Hit 387 351 341 357

Interestingly, while adding Physical Aversion pieces gradually reduced damage for regular light attacks, there is an anomaly with crits on the third piece, which hit harder than with only one piece equipped. It is probably worth doing more tests and looking at the full five pieces and the impact of heavy attacks and special moves.

So, does Physical Aversion stack?

The short answer is YES, it is stacking. However, there may be bugs with the perk that actually cause you to take more damage under some conditions.

It’s probably safe enough to collect your event patterns and hope AGS gets to the bugs eventually. As our expert consultant CVTurner reminded me, mobs don’t crit so it should be fine for PVE. It’s a pity AGS weighted the roll chance toward PVP-only perks, you might need a lot of patterns before you get one with a useful third perk for PVE.

They roll from a limited perk bucket, which is strongly weighted toward PVP with Resilient and Critical Retribution each having 24.1% chance to roll, while the debuff duration perks have 8.03% chance, and Weapon Ability perks have less than 0.4% chance. No other perks roll on these items, including Ward, which is very disappointing.

Of course, the value of Physical Aversion itself, compared to Elemental Aversion, is a whole other issue, and you may want to think about that before you commit your resources.

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Landi is an avid furniture collector and regular DPS for Don't Die Alone. She contributes to the Mutation Rotation and Faction Control series of articles.

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