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Breaking News: The Laze Quits Fishing!

 Breaking News: The Laze Quits Fishing!

Shock Chest Opening by The Laze

In an unexpected announcement last night, The Laze is hanging up his fishing pole and moving on from New World. Speculation that the looming fishing changes in Season 2 have prompted this decision is unconfirmed, with The Laze simply claiming he is “over the game”.

I'm just over the game

What will happen to the 19,200 chests he has already fished up? He’s in the process of opening them right now, so if you’re quick, you can jump onto Twitch and watch.

At 600 Fishing Aptitude, Delos’ most revered fisherman will no longer be around to share his wisdom and experience.

Farewell Laze, we’ll miss you!

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Landi is an avid furniture collector and regular DPS for Don't Die Alone. She contributes to the Mutation Rotation and Faction Control series of articles.

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