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Invasion Damager

 Invasion Damager

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Nyapsak's High Damage Invasion Build

This is one of the first builds I came up with when i was creating good DPS builds for Invasions. I have a few other iInvasion DPS builds, but this one takes the cake. I have got my highest Invasion scores with this build. I consistently place Top 4 on the Invasion result boards with this build.

Build Summary


  • Bow
  • Rapier

Best for:

  • PVE
  • Invasions

Main Attributes:

  • Dexterity
  • Strength

This includes things that prevent damage such as blocks, stuns, roots, staggers.

This includes things that strengthen the team and mitigate damage, such as healing, buffing and debuffing.

This is pretty self-explanatory and covers raw damage output, including damage over time.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Weapon Ability Trees

I use Rain of Arrows, Rapid Shot and Poison Shot on the bow, and Tondo, Flurry, Flourish & Finish on my rapier. Rain of Arrows to hit mobs just as they spawn, Poison Shot to do extra tick damage on bosses and heads, and Rapid Shot to deal damage to bosses. I use the rapier left tree build for huge bleed (Tondo) and burst damage (Flurry, Flourish & Finish) on priests and clumped-up mobs.

Attribute distribution

I use 50 Int for the +5% damage to targets affected by DoT (in this case Bleed), 100 Str for 10% extra physical damage and the rest in Dex because you will be doing the majority of your damage using the bow. If you use 48 Dex food, then you can put the extra stats into Con. I use 44 Dex food (because it is cheaper) and get 499 dex, which is good enough.

Important perks


I use a Syncretic Bow, with perks Keenly Jagged, Enchanted (fixed perks) and Mortal Power (random perk). Mortal Power is a very good perk on the bow for invasions if you can last-hit a few trash units. Also, it lasts for 20 seconds, so it provides Empower for the next Rain of Arrows as well. I use an Empowered Diamond on my bow for +12% damage while full health and extra Arcane tick on targets.

For the rapier, I use the Finisher, with Keenly Empowered (random perk), for the +15% damage on bleeding targets on both weapons. You can use any gem on the rapier because it is not the main weapon. I only take out my rapier for priests and grouped up trash mobs. FYI, I use rapier on priests only if the priest puts up a shield to block projectiles.


Use Attuned Leather Pants for the extra attribute points. You want 3 Refreshing, 1 Penetrating Rapid shot, 1 Lasting Rain of Arrows on your armor. The rest can be any defensive perks. I recommend Enchanted Ward, Health, Vigor, Elemental Aversion and Physical Aversion. I use Sighted Physical Ward Runeglass on all my armor pieces.


The amulet should have Empowered and Health. The last perk can either be Thrust Protection or Void Protection.

The ring has to have Thrust Damage and Blood Letting. The last perk on the ring can be Leeching or Hearty.

The earring should have Empowering Toast and Refreshing. The third perk can be anything, preferably Regenerating.

I use Void gems on all my jewelry.

My advice

Most of my damage comes from hitting Rain of Aarrows on the mobs. So, I take care to buff using Evasive Tactics (bow ultimate passive) and Empowering Toast (earring perk) just before the mobs spawn and use Rain of Arrows on them. I use Common Focus potion, Weak Mana potions and Infused Health potions to proc Empowering Toast. Also, I try killing at least one trash mob before targeting the boss with Rapid Shot, to get the most out of Mortal Power perk on the bow. The Rapid Accuracy perk on Rapid Shot effectively reduces the cooldown of Rapid Shot to just 3 seconds if you hit all the shots on the same target, so always try hitting the bosses with all 3 shots, preferably headshots for most damage. I generally use the Poison Shot on the bosses and heads for the extra tick damage.

See my Steam Profile here.

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