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Invasion Damager

This is one of the first builds I came up with when i was creating good DPS builds for Invasions. I have a few other iInvasion DPS builds, but this one takes the cake. I


The Abyssal Stalker

By embracing the ultimate taboo of combining melee with magic, become the Apex Predator, the King of Assassins, the Grim Reaper, or Death itself. The Abyssal Stalker seamlessly utilises quick melee movements with the dark


The Blood Spartan

If you like watching enemy players bleed out as they hopelessly attempt to escape your grasp or stealing the spotlight in any PvP instance, this is a build I would recommend...


The Serpent

With high DPS and low Con, I focus on versatility and adaptability in combat. The Great Sword serves as my heavy-hitting, high-damage weapon while...

New World Character Builds

This page is in the early stages of development, with the hopes of becoming a repository of player knowledge. To make this happen, we would love to receive submissions of builds from a range of