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Psychic Healer

 Psychic Healer

First published in Season 4.  Return to the Build HubYou can get my look here – Get the Look.

Lishy's Psychic Healer

This build requires quite a bit of awareness and co-ordination, and is not recommended for inexperienced players. It’s very much a five-man group build but is hard to learn, so is better if you have some friends you regularly play with to practice on. If you like big numbers, this is the build for you, as it can achieve some very high healing.

Build Summary


  • Life Staff
  • Void Gauntlet

Best for:

  • PVE
  • Expeditions

Main Attributes:

  • Focus

This includes things that prevent damage such as blocks, stuns, roots, staggers.

This includes things that strengthen the team and mitigate damage, such as healing, buffing and debuffing.

This is pretty self-explanatory and covers raw damage output, include damage over time.

Difficulty: Hard

Weapon Ability Trees

In this build, I use the classic Sacred Ground and pair it with Splash of Light, which is a fantastic, fast, heal for every group member regardless of their proximity to the fight. My final and favourite heal is Divine Embrace which is a single target. It has a great weapon perk, Refreshing Divine Embrace, which makes it fast and repeatable.

For Void Gauntlet the obvious choice is to run Oblivion for the buffs/debuffs, but I also choose to run Orb of Decay for the extra heal it brings to the group on return, and Void Blade for soloing in open-world and cooldown reduction if necessary.

View my full gearset on nw-buddy.de. Note, this is not idealised gear as I’m still catching up to the gear revamp, but what I’m actually using right now. It still works.

Attribute distribution

As most healers do, this build stacks up its Focus attribute above all others, getting to 500, and chucks in 50-100 Con to keep yourself alive and kicking. I, personally, don’t find much time while playing to get up close and personal with the Void Gauntlet, so choose to let my Intelligence be the left-over points.

Important perks


The most important weapon perk, in my opinion, is Refreshing Divine Embrace, and I think it should always go on your Life Staff itself, and not armour. Of course, it’s also important to make sure you’re running a Fortifying Sacred Ground piece, and Purity of Light is also somewhat helpful.

Blessed and Refreshing Move are still pretty essential for Life Staff, despite the new perks added.

I don’t find any Void Gauntlet weapon perks to be essential but I do like to have Blessed and it doesn’t hurt to run Nullifying Oblivion.


As well as the two Life Staff perks mentioned above, I make sure my Refreshing is maxed so I can heal as soon as possible. I’m generally going to get some agro at some point, so defensive perks are good. I like Elemental Aversion to reduce the effect of ranged elemental attacks, since hopefully someone will peel the mob before it gets to me.


Our most important perk comes on your ring – Sacred. I would make sure to pair this with Hearty as you’ll need to be real dodgy to charge up your heals.

On my amulet, of course, I run with Health + the correlating elemental protection for the content I’m doing.

For earrings the main thing I look for is Refreshing Toast, and I also love Nimble, even though I don’t know how effective it really is.

Build in action

My advice

The most important thing is to know when to heal. When entering a fight, the thing that you watch for before you start healing is not, in fact, anyone’s health, but the taunt icons above the enemies. Then you throw your heals on the tank, starting with Sacred Ground and follow up with targeting heals where needed. DPS should not need healing and if they do, they should take a potion. The only reason they would have taken damage is if they attacked before the taunt icons and so let them learn. I condone killing DPS sometimes.

I would recommend that any single target healing build is significantly harder to run without using your healing hotkeys, so remember to bind those to some easy-to-reach buttons.

It’s good to know that healing generates agro the same way damage does, so when we’re going on a long pull, healing an injured ally is the same as hitting an enemy – you’ll suffer. This is what potions are for.

The psychic part of this build is all about watching the entire group dynamic and enemy behaviour to predict who will need healing when. For example, when there is a big AOE attack you can see being wound up, you have to heal as they are doing the attack, not once they have done it. Also, when running with the same group regularly, I will notice who takes the most damage and prioritise them for single target heals over the other DPS (as long as the tank is fine).

Just to be clear, ALWAYS LOOK AFTER THE TANK FIRST. Almost always, the Sacred Ground should be on the tank, and they should be first priority for single targets. DPS should be able to look after themselves and live on the runoff heals.

Another important skill is running the agro to the right place, because you’re gonna get it no matter how much you try not to. The right place means to run past the tank, sometimes multiple times … any taunt? any taunt?

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