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Springtide Bloom

 Springtide Bloom

Spring time is back!

As we Delosians plummet through Autumn toward Winter, the New World is full of colour and new life with the Springtide Bloom Festival. This year all our favourite rewards are back (I’m looking at you Morning Mist and Royal Azalea!) plus new ones have been added, including a weekly Chromatic Seal and Azoth Inductor purchase from the Event Store.

The event will run for two weeks, from April 17 to April 30.

Daily Town Collections

It seems the consolidation of town rewards we saw at Winter Convergence did not survive for the Spring, and we will continue to need to travel to each town to collect our goodies.

Each Settlement Springtide Centerpiece will grant the following daily rewards:

Last year the dyes that dropped from the Springtide Centrepiece included premium shop dyes, so it will be interesting to see if that continues this time around.

Springtide Villages

There are four villages to visit, in Monarch’s Bluff, Brightwood, Everfall, and Weaver’s Fen. Each Village has a Party Bag pile to collect from daily.

Each basket includes:

  • 10 Springtide Tokens
  • Springtide Coinbag
  • 50 Event Reputation
  • Green Springtide Pattern (1.3% drop rate)
  • Gold Springtide Pattern 700GS (0.6% drop rate)


Prismablooms can be found all over Aeternum. You need to be in the vicinity before you will see the icon. If you would like to see their exact locations, head over to Aeternum Map.

There is also a rainbow halo in the sky over each Prismabloom, which you can see from a fair way off.

The respawn rate is reasonably fast, so if you find an area with a few you can do laps and the first ones will be back by the time you return.

Unlike other events where there’s a wild zerg to the world boss, Springtide’s Prismabloom Harvest is best done alone or in a small group. You need to lure the Wispy Wasp swarms to the Wispy Spritz bombs to kill them, as they don’t take damage from regular weapons. When you have people dragging the wasps around everywhere, it can be frustrating!

When you kill the Wasps, there is a small chance they will drop Wispy Wasp Goo, which can be traded in for 1 Premium Spring Token.

Harvesting the flower grants 14 Wispybloom Petals and you can eat Springtide Wafers to increase the amount to 28. Three petals can be traded in for 1 Spring Token at the Adornment Cart in the Springtide Village.

Each Prismabloom harvest also has a chance to drop Springtide Tokens – 75% chance for a regular token (limit 10 per day) and 5% chance for a Premium Springtide Token (limit 1 per day). Note: this does not seem to be happening in practice.

Bleeding the Wasps for Goo and Credit

Even though the wasps are invulnerable to most weapons, you can get a little damage on them with bleeds. If you end up competing for a spot and keep missing the E on the bombs and flower, the bleeds are enough to give you credit so you receive the Wispybloom Petals.

Also, right now the Wispywasp Goo drop rates are very low. The extra damage done by bleed stacks seems to increase the chance significantly, so it’s worth doing a bit of bleed damage if you can.

Some bleed weapon suggestions include:

  • Great Sword – Unflinching Blade passive ability (recommended)
  • Rapier – Tondo, Flourish & Finish (recommended)
  • Spear – Skewer
  • Bow – Rain of Arrows
  • Sword – The Butcher artifact with Whirling Blade (very slow, only use this if you have no other option)

You can also use the Primal Fury Heartrune. Attack the wasps to charge up the heartrune then do melee attacks for the full heartrune charge. For more details on this method, check out u/Knight-GB’s post on r/newworldgame.

The Event Shop

The Event Shop is full of goodies this year, with 8 new Armor skins for sale, and one Camp skin, as well as a new Bop Dance emote. Five new furniture items are on offer, to create a perfect floral boudoir. Last year’s skins, furniture, emotes, and importantly, dyes, are all back, plus event food and basic Springtime Armor patterns.

Crafting items can be bought once per week:

  • Azoth Inductor (15 Premium)
  • Chromatic Seal (5 Premium)
  • 700GS Armor Pattern (10 Premium) – Con, Health, Elemental Aversion

Note: Armor patterns require Armoring level 205 to craft and are Bind on Pickup. The crafted items from the Epic patterns are Bind on Equip. The text on each item implies that the Legendary version should not require skill but the crafting station menu says 205. If anyone has below that skill level and is able to craft the Legendary pattern, please comment below to let me know.

Legendary Pattern

While the “700GS” patterns above are limited to one per week, you can buy an unlimited amount of the cheaper purple Epic patterns for 2 premium tokens. These roll at 700GS if you’re using the full Armorsmith buffs and gear, with the attribute locked on Con and the ability to add one perk mod. So if you feel like gambling, there’s an option.

Epic Pattern


The appearances of the crafted items are the same as last year, so if you don’t have them yet and don’t want to spend the tokens, you may be able to buy some patterns from someone who stocked up last year. This is what the skins look like.

Event Store Skins

There are two new skin sets this year and if you missed last year’s, you can pick them up as well.

Huge thanks to Minnie Monster for the spontaneous photo shoot of the Springtime skin.

From the source:

You can visit a direct link here, or read a copy of the news below:

Greetings, Adventurers!

The Time of Awakening has once again arrived. Help the enigmatic Bloom Herald unravel the mysteries of the ethereal Wispybloom for new and returning event-specific rewards. Pluck carefully from April 17 through April 30, as these precious petals attract the attention of the nefarious Wispy Wasps!

Truth Seekers must be level 25 or higher to embark upon the quest for enlightenment. Springtide Villages are located in Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, Brightwood, and Weavers Fen. Check out event lore, concept art, rewards, and activities.

When the seasons on Aeternum shift from bitter winter to the blossoming of spring, the celebration of Springtide Bloom takes place. During this time, the joyful Children of Bloom don their distinctive apparel and encourage all denizens of the enchanted island to search for special flowers. The Children believe that these blossoms are a key to a deeper understanding of self and a greater awareness of the miraculous world and its mysteries. Aeternum contains many nightmares, the Children lament, but with the gift of True Sight granted by these flowers, other worlds can be glimpsed and possibly even interacted with if one’s mind and spirit are properly attuned.

Every Springtide, the Children select a representative they call The Bloom Herald to go amongst the citizens of Aeternum and encourage them to hunt for the elusive Wispybloom Flowers. The Herald claims that studying the properties of these mystical blossoms can reveal the mysteries of the island. The Wispyblooms are believed to originate in another realm and manifest during Springtide. They are infused with the magic of that other world, one associated with life and fertility. The Bloom Herald delights in speaking enigmatically, and in giving veiled answers about the miracles the Children claim to see. Although the Herald seems genuinely interested in bringing about an age of peace and harmony, there’s something off-kilter about the Children, a secret they seem to be hiding that hints at something darker behind their euphoria.


Craft Wispy Spritz, lure Wispy Wasps into their blast radius, and reap Wispy Wasp Goo in exchange for Springtide Tokens. Additional rewards can be earned through Springtide Centerpieces, Party Bags, Prismabloom Harvests, and the Event Shop.


Every Settlement will feature an ornately decorated Springtide Centerpiece, surrounded by a pile of colorful gift baskets. Each Centerpiece can be looted once per day for the following rewards:

  • Diamond Gypsum

    • Drop Rate: 100% (must be Level 60)

    • Limit: 6 per day.

  • 1-3 Wispy Spritz

    • Drop Rate: 100%

  • 25 Event Reputation

    • Drop Rate: 100%

Players also have a chance to receive the following rewards:

  • 1-5 additional Wispy Spritz

    • Drop Rate: 100%

  • 1-3 Dyes

    • Drop Rate: 66%

  • 1 Springtide Dram

    • Drop Rate: 33%

    • Temporarily increases Luck.

  • 1 Springtide Wafer

    • Drop Rate: 22%

    • Temporarily increases the number of Wispyblooms that players can harvest.

  • 1 Springtide Crumble

    • Drop Rate: 11%

    • Temporarily increases Constitution.


Small bags in a variety of colors adorned with floral arrangements are commonly handed out to celebrate the holiday. Visit the center of Springtide Villages to collect your festive gifts. Each Village Party Bag pile can be looted once per day. There are 4 Party Bag piles in the world. These reset at 5 AM local time. For example, if a player receives a fourth Springtide Token from the Party Bags at 4:58 AM, they’ll be able to get another at 5:01 AM.

  • Springtide Token x10

    • Drop Rate: 100%

  • Springtide Pattern

    • Drop Rate: 1.3%

  • Springtide Pattern GS 700

    • Drop Rate: .16%

  • Springtide Coinbag

    • Drop Rate: 100%

  • 50 Event Reputation

    • Drop Rate: 100%


A strikingly beautiful flower that only blooms this time of year on Aeternum. It is said to have unique and powerful properties. Swarms of Wispy Wasps are attracted to the intoxicating scent of the Blooms. Truth Seekers must neutralize the wasps with a special concoction known as Spritz for a chance at event tokens:

  • Springtide Token

    • Drop Rate: 75%

    • Limit: 10 per day from Prismablooms.

  • Premium Springtide Tokens

    • Drop Rate: 5%

    • Limit: 1 per day from Prismablooms.


The following rewards can be purchased from the Bloom Herald in exchange for Springtide Tokens or Premium Springtide Tokens. Gain Event Reputation to rank up and increase the Event Shop selection. Azoth Inductors and Chromatic Seals can also be obtained once per week.


All of the new Event Shop rewards are rank 3, except for the Springtide Armor Pattern noted below:

Armor Skins

  • Floral Knight’s Breastplate – 15 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Floral Knight’s Helm – 15 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Floral Knight’s Leggings – 10 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Floral Knight’s Boots – 5 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Floral Knight’s Gauntlets – 5 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Festive Flower Dress – 15 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Festive Flower Leggings – 10 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Festive Flower Boots – 5 Premium Springtide Tokens

Crafting Items

  • Azoth Inductor – 15 Premium Springtide Tokens

    • 1 purchase per week

  • Chromatic Seal – 5 Premium Springtide Tokens

    • 1 purchase per week

  • Springtime Armor Pattern (700 Gear Score) – 10 Premium Springtide Tokens

    • 1 purchase per week

  • (Rank 2) Springtime Armor Pattern – 2 Premium Springtide Tokens

Camp Skins

  • Blossom’s Respite – 15 Premium Springtide Tokens


  • Bop Dance – 10 Premium Springtide Tokens

Housing Items

  • Springtide Chandelier – 5 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Springtide Table Lamp – 5 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Springtide Floor Lamp – 5 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Springtide Canopy Bed – 10 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Springtide Loveseat – 10 Premium Springtide Tokens



Consumables (5 Springtide Tokens each):

  • Springtide Dram

    • Temporarily increases Luck.

  • Springtide Wafer

    • Temporarily increases the number of Wispyblooms that players can harvest.

  • Springtide Crumble

    • Temporarily increases Constitution.

Dyes (10 Springtide Tokens each):

  • Limoncello Dye

  • Royal Azalea Dye

  • Morning Mist Dye


Viridian Attire Set:

  • Chest – 3 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Helm – 3 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Legs – 2 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Gloves – 1 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Feet – 1 Premium Springtide Tokens

Springtide Beekeeper Attire Set:

  • Chest – 3 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Helm – 3 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Legs – 2 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Gloves – 1 Premium Springtide Tokens

  • Feet – 1 Premium Springtide Tokens

Emotes (5 Premium Springtide Tokens each):

  • Springtide “Flower Child”

  • Jovial Frolic

Housing Items

  • Cost: 1 Premium Springtide Token each:

    • Barrel of Flowers

    • Crate of Flowers

    • Pot of Wispy Blooms

    • Pinwheel

    • Springtide Wall Light

    • Springtide Ceiling Light

  • Cost: 2 Premium Springtide Tokens each:

    • Springtide Banner

    • Sacks of Pigment

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in the Springtide Villages.

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