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State of Aeternum, 21 Jan 2023

 State of Aeternum, 21 Jan 2023

Once again, the map looks pretty purple, although the Marauders have been making an effort to gain territory and succeeded in bringing Cutless Keys under their control. Covenant seem fairly stagnant, just holding on to their strong central territories but not pushing for further influence. Although, there is one yellow newcomer on the scene, with Thee Audacity rumoured to be about to take over Mourningdale after the coming war.

Speaking of Mourningdale, session have let the crafting stations go, without adding new Town Projects to return them to their former glory. We even requested an upgrade from bigWino, who admitted the reason for the neglect is that they are giving up the town. But we think that’s no excuse!

Greens are making a push by attacking on a couple of fronts, with Adorables going up against Communits for Weaver’s Fen, and Millk challenging session in Ebonscale Reach. Purple are not giving up control and have pushed both Green territories into states of conflict. None of the yellow towns have a purple push, but we’re not sure whether this is just because the owners have strong defensive forces.

There is a new Covenant player, with SPOT THE DIFFERENCE taking control in First Light and we will soon see what they are made of with Green pushing the territory into a state of conflict.

The most poorly maintained territory this week goes to Cutlass Keys. While Recurrence did inherit a bit of a mess, it was very disappointing to see that there are no town projects active at the time of writing this article. Plenty of work to do boys, get onto it! 

State of the Settlements

We have a vacancy for a War Correspondent currently advertised on the Classifieds page. If you feel you could offer a more accurate picture of the state of warfare on Delos, please put in an application. We’d love to have you join us.

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