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State of Aeternum, Mar 4 2023

 State of Aeternum, Mar 4 2023

Some huge changes this week, with World Bandits completely vanishing from the map. Communits are holding the Syndicate mantle with 4 territories, while Salty lead the Covenant dominance, with 4 of their own territories and an additional yellow zone held by S3renity. Marauders are still in the game, with a healthy 3 territories shared between three companies.

State of the Settlements

We have a vacancy for a War Correspondent currently advertised on the Classifieds page. If you feel you could offer a more accurate picture of the state of warfare on Delos, please put in an application. We’d love to have you join us.

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Landi is an avid furniture collector and regular DPS for Don't Die Alone. She contributes to the Mutation Rotation and Faction Control series of articles.

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