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The Blood Spartan

 The Blood Spartan

First published in Season 4. Return to the Build Hub.

A. Bacon's Blood Spartan

If you like watching enemy players bleed out as they hopelessly attempt to escape your grasp or stealing the spotlight in any PvP instance, this is a build I would recommend. By far an S tier duelling build that is extremely difficult to play against. It utilises burst movements to weave through enemy attacks while buffing and healing yourself in the process to establish dominance over the battlefield.

The Blood Spartan build, like the traditional spartan, is highly flexible. You can up your constitution to 300 for heaps more sustain or drop it down to 150 to go full glass canon DPS.

Build Summary


  • Spear
  • Sword & Shield

Best for:

  • PVP
  • 3×3 Arenas, OPR, Open-world

Main Attributes:

  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Strength

This includes things that prevent damage such as blocks, stuns, roots, staggers.

This includes things that strengthen the team and mitigate damage, such as healing, buffing and debuffing.

This is pretty self-explanatory and covers raw damage output, include damage over time.

Difficulty: Hard

Weapon Ability Trees

A Blood Spartan would use Leaping Strike as their primary tool for engaging an enemy, paired with Shield Rush for a stagger/disruption and Whirling Blade to seal an enemy’s fate with a bleed and rend. However, a Blood Spartan’s main source of damage output would be from their spear. Skewer to land yet another bleed on the target, Perforate to blindside enemies with a flurry of damage, and finally Cyclone for more self-healing.

Attribute distribution

There are three ways to play this build.

  1. A tank style using 300 Constitution (for grit and more health), 150 Dexterity, and 150 Strength. This style is recommended for beginners and for people who enjoy long-lasting clump fights.
  2. A glass cannon style using 150 Constitution 300 Dexterity (for weapon swap cleanse) and 150 Strength. This style is recommended for 1v1 duels and more experienced players.
  3. A middle-ground style using an even split of 200 points on all three attributes. This is the style I most enjoy and recommend being played as it shines in every PvP game mode.

In all three builds it is important to have at least 150 Dexterity as it further extends the duration of the spartan bleeds. In terms of attribute food, use either Banana Bread, Banana Parfait, or Banana Pudding in order to hit the needed attribute points depending on your gear.

Important perks


The Blood Spartan would use The Butcher artifact with a gem slot as their choice of sword. For their spear, perks such as Rogue, Vicious, Attunement, Keenly Empowered, Plagued Crits, or a weapon perk would be ideal. The Keratin spear is a good first choice as it comes with rogue and Arboreal Attunement.

DOT Runeglass gems will be used for both weapons to add more pressure on to enemies on top of the existing bleeds.

For the Spartan’s choice of shield, it would have to be a Round Shield with Enchanted and Fortifying Shield Rush. The third perk could be either Keenly Empowered, Vicious, Keen, or Refreshing Move.


The playstyle of this build revolves around having Shirking Fortification. So ideally, you would have 4 pieces of Shirking Fortification + Tumbler Feetwraps. In addition to this, you will also benefit from having a perk like Shirking Heals as a second perk on armour. Despite the nerfs, Shirking Heals have been getting lately, it is still considered quite strong, more so in such a playstyle. As for your final perk, you would want to have at least 2 pieces of Freedom and the rest of your gear to have weapon perks of your choosing.

Important weapon perks to have are Leeching Cyclone and Fortifying Perforate. Enfeebling Skewer is another good perk to have especially in a 1v1 situation, but it isn’t necessary.


Ankh with Stamina Recovery would be the primary choice of amulet.

For the ring, Hearty and Blood Letting is compulsory. The third perk again is up to your preference, but I would recommend Thrust Damage to do even more damage with your spear.

As for the earring, I recommend farming for the Syncretic Earring which comes with Healing Heart and Fortifying Toast. For the third earring perk, either Nimble or Regeneration would be ideal.

My advice

The basic engaging combo for the Spartan build would be … Leaping Strike (stagger + slow) into 2 light attacks into a Shield Rush (stagger +slow + weaken) into a Whirling Blade (butcher bleed + rend).

Swap to spear if the target is still attempting to run away (make use of its long reach) and light attack. If the target is out of stamina or moving outside the spear’s reach, close the gap with Skewer and to add an additional bleed. Perforate is good to Weaken and Rend a single enemy or clumps of enemies in a fight. Use Cyclone paired with the Leeching Cyclone perk for a decent self-heal and to strategically push enemies (for example to clear space if you get body blocked or pushing players off Sacred Grounds).

The spear should be your main hand in dealing damage in an ongoing fight, only switch to sword to apply debuffs and staggers. TIP: practice weapon swapping mid-dodge animation to save yourself from being locked into a weapon swap animation mid-fight.

Even though the Blood Spartan build is strong, it is important to PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR STAMINA! Running out of stamina mid-fight in this build can result in getting yourself killed quite quickly. TIP: It is always good practice to perform a jump every time you dodge if you plan on making space. Dodging twice to make distance will lead to running out of stamina quickly and the distance of your dodge is affected by slows (jumping distance in New World is not affected by it).

With enough practice with this build, anyone can dominate most PvP instances in New World. However, the most important thing at the end of the day is to enjoy it! If you don’t find yourself liking this playstyle, that is ok. Experiment with other builds and find something else you enjoy but remember to always keep an eye out for The Blood Spartan.

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