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The Laze’s Lairs

 The Laze’s Lairs

When I heard the news that The Laze was really leaving us, I quickly asked for an invite to his houses in order to preserve something of them. Shortly after these images were taken, The Laze abandoned all three houses and gave away his wordly possessions, before uninstalling New World. We grieve the loss of his creative designs as well as his unique presence and hope he will choose to return one day. These are not the first of The Laze’s homes to be created and then abandoned, and we hope they will not be his last.

Everfall Aquarium

The first home starts off looking like your traditional Collector’s Aquarium, albeit with a toasty twist. The first Medleyfaire event seemed like it was designed especially for The Laze, and he shows off his trophies beautifully. But the real creativity comes with a secret exit to the rear, and a handcrafted stair to the roof of the house. From here, you can enjoy the view, with a barely visible fishnet bridge supporting an Air Lounge overlooking Everfall markeplace. If you have a ranged weapon, you can cast effects on players below, which they can see but they cannot see you.

Reekwater Treehouse

I think The Laze’s Reekwater house is the closest to capturing his character, and I’m disappointed that I didn’t get better pictures of it. Set in a tree, the additions to this home remain true to the spirit of Reekwater while retaining The Laze’s personal touch. Beyond the rooftop, there are stairs throughout the tree and a secret spot where, if you are careful, you can drop to the water below without leaving the house instance. This way, The Laze could fish from home.

Windsward Fishing Nightmares

This Windsward home requires no explanation. The fish speak for themselves. You must crawl through the entrance to get inside and once in, you cannot go anywhere else. It’s one room, full of fish. Don’t blink.

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Landi is an avid furniture collector and regular DPS for Don't Die Alone. She contributes to the Mutation Rotation and Faction Control series of articles.


  • You’ll be sorely missed Laze. Thanks for the fun and hope to see you around <3

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